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In the Extruder section, which is the first production unit, low and high density polyethylene raw material is turned into a single-layer ready-to-print film in line with the needs of the printing unit. The physical properties desired in the packaging are created here in this unit with the mixture of the necessary raw materials.


The second production unit is the printing department. High density, low density, cpp, opp printing is made on all kinds of materials from 80mm to 1300 mm, up to 4-6 colors, at 200m/min.


The third production unit is the slitting, cutting section. With the machines designed for various bags and plastic packaging, the final product is given at high speed and quality in this unit.

Who are we?

Our company, Mert Medikal Ambalaj A.Ş., which was established in Sivas in 1998, is one of the leading companies in the packaging industry in the production of single layer, printed / unprinted polyethylene film, various types and sizes of bags with its experience of more than 20 years.

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